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4c 3.3

No Image The innovative browser add-on 4c is the first one to support the visual memory. Thus the revolutionary browser add-on 4c achieves to integrate the visualisation of websites and all other applications on your computer within the navigation. You donĀ“t need to mark these cryptic adresses any more or find a specific word document through trial and error within the windows task bar. Just one click and you see all apllications that are in use.

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Rock Climbing Toolbar 1.0

Rock Climbing Gear, internet explorer toolbar, browser add on, browser toolbar

browser add on, internet explorer toolbar, rock climbing gear

JustUrls 5.3: A URL browser launching tray icon based application designed to be easy to use.
JustUrls 5.3

browser and automatically inserts the URL you have associated with a button you click on. JustUrls assumes you have a Web Browser installed. Recent versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and FireFox etc. work just fine. JustUrls allows you to add your own buttons to the program. You can name the buttons whatever you wish. Each button is associated with the URL you want. You can add as many buttons as you like provided they fit vertically on your

favorites, browser add on, justurls, tray launcher, browser helper

CometMarks 1.92: CometMarks is a browser add-ons that provides real-time automatic bookmark syn
CometMarks 1.92

add/delete or organize your bookmarks anytime and anywhere. By visiting My Cometmarks at, every change will be automatically synchronized to your own computers. Web Browsers CometMarks supports synchronizations across multi popular browsers including CometBird, FireFox and IE and works well with these browsers. CometMarks automatically synchronizes all of your local browsers and imports your bookmarks to the server so that saves

cometmarks, bookmarks synchronizer, browser extention, bookmarks manager

Life Insurance Quote Toolbar 1.0: Makes it easy to find the best life cover at the best prices online.
Life Insurance Quote Toolbar 1.0

browser add on could save you a lot of time and money by guiding you to the best online resources. Laid out in a simple 3 step format, all the best websites you`ll need are listed starting with places to learn more about life insurance and where to get advice if you need it. It`s also loaded with all the most popular price comparison sites so you can quickly compare as much of the life insurance market as possible and identify both the most suitable

add ons, ie toolbar, life insurance quote, browser toolbar, internet explorer toolbars

Brigg Anti-Toolbar 2.0.2: Remove toolbars from Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, and Safari with ease!
Brigg Anti-Toolbar 2.0.2

ons, and delete any Chrome plugin or extension you want. Remove IE toolbars from all user accounts. You can remove any Internet Explorer add-on: toolbar, toolbar button and related menu, menu extension, explorer bar, browser helper object. You can see all plugins for all user accounts on computer. You can manage all Internet Explorer add-ons: toolbars, toolbar buttons and related menus, menu extensions, explorer bars, browser helper objects. Remove

remove opera toolbar, remove ie toolbar, remove firefox toolbar, remove chrome toolbar, remove safari toolbar

24 hour fitness 1.0: Browser add on, Internet Explorer, this a browser tool for all who enjoy weather
24 hour fitness 1.0

Browser add on, Internet Explorer, this a browser tool for all who enjoy weather and would like a highlighter . If you enjoy a browser with a few extra funtions and your tired of your old browser. Try it. It will serve you with highlighting funtions for those who have a demand for working on documents while on line and it`s all ways good to know the weather.

24 hour fitness, internet tool bar

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